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Nedeľa 9. august 2020 | Meniny má Ľubomíra, zajtra Vavrinec › blahoželaniapohľadnice
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Alphaville - Red Rose

little girl, do you know what you are, do you know
this baby's gonna be a star, do you know
a teenangel empress from hollywood highs
with wonderful eyes
your beautiful, put on your stratoblue suit
i know that your in the mood to fly
we got the power to make it come true
the most exciting news

we'll be together till the end of time
and when you smile, red rose, it's just like blue sunshine
oh, we're ascending and we'll never die
cause when we kiss, red rose, we're changing 6 to 9
it's revolution time
when 6 turns into 9

move over, closer to my fantasies, pretty baby
we're standing at the turn of the centuries
the daughter of time is dancing tonite
little dreamer, you're the d.j. of your soul
c'mon, lets swing to that rock and roll
the sweetest arrows of desire will set this dance on fire

above the city of the million moons
we'll reach the palace of the sun
do what you will shall be our destiny
we will unfold the secrets of the new jerusalem


2007-08-17 12:00:59, Richie