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30 Odd Foot of Grunts - Nowhere


What's in L.A. for a southern girl like you
What can you get that you can't find here
'cept solid air
You know southern charms
Not a currency 'round there
So you buy your gun
You build a house
Raise an attorney
Civil defence
You know the neighbour with the roses
He's firing blanks and Jesuses and Josephs
At the sun
Till he finds you -
you're the lucky one

Litigation follows on follows on follows on

What's in L.A. for an eastern debutante
Cross the bridges cross the country cross your heart and hope to live
In a big white house
With Captain Blood and Mickey Mouse

What's in L.A.
For a man of the North
Fantasies are made
Wives are sold
Lives are bought
Blank sheet of paper well that's ok just bring a pen


I came out of the west it was a sunset
Golden red a soldiers dread
flamed by injustice

I bought a Volvo
Sold some shoes with my cell phone
I paid my dues
Undid the screws
I bought an answer phone

I'm from nowhere, I'm from nowhere
I'm from nowhere, I'm from nowhere

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2007-08-17 11:30:23, Richie